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An Evening With Christopher Nolan


On October 2, 2006 nearly 500 filmmakers were on hand to learn how one of today's top filmmakers got his break and they had the opportunity to see the film that started it all! Director Christopher Nolan ("Batman Begins," "Memento") discussed his career and gave a preview of his new film, "The Prestige," which was opening in three weeks. His first feature, the dazzling $12,000 film FOLLOWING (1998, Zeitgeist, 70 min) was shown in its entirety and "Following" Executive Producer and leading film consultant Peter Broderick guided the candid discussion. Producer Emma Thomas ("Batman Begins," "Following") was also on hand for the discussion. It was a very special evening.

Master of the fractured narrative, Nolan displays his talent for nonlinear storytelling to great effect in "Following," giving this suspenseful film noir a decidedly modern sensibility. A bored and frustrated writer follows strangers on the London streets randomly at first, until he is confronted by a professional burglar named Cobb. Cobb soon involves the writer in a series of risky robberies, taking advantage of his voyeuristic obsessions. Critics responded overwhelmingly to the young filmmaker's first feature and Newmarket was impressed enough to give him $5 mil. to make the groundbreaking "Memento." 


For aspiring no-budget filmmakers, "Following" is a perfect no-budget case study.  The script was both written for and inspired by the unique set of resources available to Nolan at the time.  Unable to quit his job and without any money saved up, Nolan shot "Following" on Saturdays over the course of a year, saving just enough money at the end of the week to purchase film stock for that weekend.  Nolan told the story of how these circumstances influenced the film that would launch one of the biggest careers in Hollywood.

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Next Wave Films reunion
Film Club Founder Stolaroff with Nolan

The 600 seat Egyptian was nearly sold out

Feedback on the "Following" screening from No Budget Film Club members...

"Really enjoyed 'Following' and I'm looking forward to the future screenings. Thanks so much for putting this great opportunity together and offering it to the public."
- Jeremy Rush

"Please keep me on the mailing list for future screenings. The 'Following' & Chris Nolan's Q&A were terrific!"
- Kristie Palmer

"This is a long time coming. Thank you for starting this!"
- Christopher Keith

"Thanks for that amazing experience with Chris Nolan!!! Most excellent..."
- Aaron Auebach

"Had a great time at the 'Following' screening last night. At a low in the movie season, it really energized me on movies..."
- Sarah Carlsen

"What a fantastic group! I've been waiting for something like this for years!"
- Gary Chong

"Thank you for making this organization. It's a sorely needed source of inspiration."
- Lucia brawley

"It's great that you all are doing this type of thing and recalling what it's like to start with nothing."
- John Richardson

"Gotta love a club like this!"
- Dan Miller

"Very psyched to find out about this!"
- Heidi Hornbacher

"Thank you so much for this great opportunity!"
- Annette Remter

"Thank you for the REALLY affordable prices!!!"
- Tumaini Finley

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