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No Rules, Just Suggestions...

** This page includes many valuable resources that I have found for No Budget Filmmakers. It is in no way comprehensive, but it is dynamic.  I will be actively adding to this page on a regular basis, so please BOOKMARK. 
This is not an advertising section for vendors--I hand-choose all links based on my own personal experience, recommendations from filmmakers, and other subjective criteria.  If you want to recommend new additions to this page, please email them to me at:


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Daily Variety

(Good source for general film news. If you subscribe to the printed version, you get online access for free.)


Filmmaker Magazine

(Best printed source for indie film news, information and coverage. Quarterly magazine.)



(Their stories are a bit fluffier than Filmmaker's, but still a good resource.)


The Independent

(No longer in print form, but the online site is a still vibrant source for indie film articles, especially regarding documentaries.)


DV Magazine

(One of my favorite printed sources for technical information for indie filmmakers. Definitive articles and reviews on cameras, editing systems, software, hardware, techniques, etc.)



(Another good technical magazine.)


Videomaker Magazine
(Videomaker's online Video Production Magazine: Camcorder reviews, articles and information on consumer video production. Empowering people to make video that inspires, encourages and equips for success.)

HD Video Pro
(Glossy, thicker version of the above mags, with in-depth articles.)






(Best source of information on indie film. Many different high-quality blogs to read too. Subscribe to their free daily email news report.)


Daily Variety

(If you can't afford the printed publication, pay for the online version. A very good resource.)



(Terrific resource. Comprehensive film database. IMDB Pro is worth the over $100/year. Try the free 2-week trial subscription first.)


Rotten Tomatoes

(Comprehensive movie review listing)


Movie City News

(News, columns and blogs, with great links to other news sources.)


Self Reliant Film Blog

(Interesting stories and links on all subjects.) 


No Film School Blog

(Very good filmmaking blog with guest writers.) 


Studio Daily

(Subscribe to their Daily Email Digest--it's a quick read with great variety.)


Digital Content Producer

(Good resource.)



(Excellent site for editing & other technical information)


Adam Wilt

(Tons of technical information for you hardcore tech-heads.)


HD For Indies

(Like "Snakes On A Plane", the name says it all.)


DVX User

(Resource information for DVX-100 & HVX200 Cameras, and now more)


Ken Stone

(Final Cut Pro help and training)


Ripple Training

(FCP, etc. help and training)



* While most of these orgs are based in LA, they all have wonderful web sites that are excellent resources for filmmakers all over the world. 



Filmmakers Alliance

(If you're an indie filmmaker in LA, you need to be a member of FA. Period.)


Film Courage

(Great group, with an internet radio show you can podcast and monthly screening series of independent films.)


Film Independent

(No matter what you call it--IFP/LA, FIND--it's definitely worth the dues, just for the free screenings alone.)


Women In Film


Alliance of Women Directors


Indie Producer 

(A network of indie producers.)


48 Hour Film Project 

(A great org for getting off your butt and making films.)


168 Hour Film Project 

(Faith-based version of the above. 168 hours = 7 days. Get it?)


National Association of Latino Independent Producers


LA Final Cut Pro Users Group

(More than just FCP, this org represents one of the best values in LA--great monthly meetings, information-packed newsletter, and a web site chock full of information and great deals for its members--all for FREE.)


Digital Cinema Society

(This org is growing and expanding its areas of interest. For tech heads interested in cameras, editing systems, and, oh yeah, digital cinema.)



(Social network for folks in the industry, especially actors.)


Stage 32

(Social network for film, TV, and theater creatives.)






(One of the great spots to find just about anything for your no-budget feature--crew, props, equipment, etc.)

(One of the best places to find crew.)


The Production Hub

(A great resource for just about anything you need.)

(Many valuable resources for networking actors, filmmakers, and crew)


LA Producers Yahoo Group

(The great resource for LA-area producers, UPM's, etc. Must qualify to join.)

(General information on a variety of topics.)


The Info List

(Jeff Gund's Email Posting. Great for receiving information on job listings, events, etc., or for posting notices. Subscribe at:


Reality Crew

(Training for crews of reality shows and relevant links) 


Student Filmmakers

(Links, information, boards, resources etc for student filmmakers) 





American Cinematheque


Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theatre





The Academy


AFI On Screen


New Beverly Cinema


Laemmle Theaters


Landmark Theaters


Cemetery Screenings


Echo Park Film Center

Downtown Independent


Hollywood Mobile Movie

(A unique and fun mobile drive-in theater!)


Film Radar

(Listing of Revival, repertory, and special film events in LA.)






Breakdown Services 

(Post casting notices for free and view/compare submissions online.)


Now Casting   

(Same as above.)

Easy Cast

(Same as above.)



(Same as above.)




Backstage West

(Publication for placing casting notices. Small fee.)


Theater groups

(Theater groups in your area are a great resource for actors, wardrobe, etc.)



(FREE casting location in LA!)




NPI Production Services

Diego Stawski

Wk: (818) 566-7878

Fx: (818) 566-7879



Truman Van Dyke Company

Doug Hodges

Wk: (323) 883-0012

Fx: (323) 883-0024


Frankel & Associates Insurance

Max Gottlieb

Wk: (310) 552-3349

Fx: (310) 552-3349

Mb: (310) 346-0906





Castex Rentals

(Good for production equipment and misc. items; some G&E.)


Wooden Nickel

(One of the best deals on G&E in town.)

HALA Lighting & Grip

The Expendables Recycler

(The best place in town to purchase expendables.)



(assuming you still shoot on tape!)



(These guys are out of Nebraska and they're cheap!)


Edgewise Media Inc.

(The place to go in LA when you've got to pick up some tape quick.)


Media Distributors 





Signature Cleaners

(Will clean any item for $2.00 per item.)

11707 Ventura Blvd

Studio City, CA 91604-2616  

(818) 980-3440





Make-up Designory


Studio Makeup Academy


Joe Balasko






(Absolutely worth the $45 membership fee.)


Smart & Final

(No membership fee; bulk-buying prices.)


Trader Joes

(Crews love the stuff you get at Trader Joe's.)




The Frugal Filmmaker

(Scott is awesome. Subscribe to his website and Facebook group. A terrific resource for building your own production equipment and finding deals on all kinds of useful stuff.)


Chris Jones' Blog

(Jones, the Brit filmmaker and author of the Guerilla Filmmaking books, has an incredible blog, with all kinds of DIY producing tips.)



(DIY tips and equipment reviews.)


DSLR Film Noob

(Everything you wanted to know about shooting with DSLR cameras.)


Larry Becker's Cheap Shots

(Lots of DIY help here.)


Crew Of One

(Information about low-budget production tools and no-budget filmmaking.)




(Library music)


FotoSearch Music

(Royalty-free buyout music and audio clips)


Free Play Music

(Free music for films & TV.)

Royalty Free Music

(Free music and buyout music.)


Dan-O Songs

(More royalty free music.)



(Search for rights-holders to songs.)



(Same as above)





Internet Archive

(Incredible resource for free archival stock footage)



(Huge source of royalty-free photos, videos, sound effects and music.)






(My go-to place for printing postcards, posters, vinyl banners, etc.)





Legal Zoom

(To set up LLC, etc.) 


Industry Contracts

(Boiler plate contracts on CD-ROM. WARNING: I have never seen these contracts and can not vouch for their effectiveness. Have a lawyer you trust look over the important ones.)





Peter Broderick 

(Innovative alternative distribution strategies, and more, from one of the smartest guys in the indie film biz.)



Think Outside The Box Office

(THE #1 DIY distribution guide out there.)


Selling Your Film Without Selling Your Soul

(Case studies of successful DIY distribution stories)


Be The Media

(Guide to DIY Marketing of Film, Music, Writing)

The Reel Truth

(Comprehensive guide through the boobie traps of filmmaking for the First-Time Filmmaker)

Film Festival Secrets

(A FREE Guide to Navigating the Film Festival World)

43 Ways To Finance Your Feature Film

(The name says it all!)



Write Brothers

(The best scriptwriting software)


Showbiz Software

(All kinds of useful production software)


Quick Film Budget

(Incredibly easy and inexpensive way to get a budget for your project before you start raising money)





InkTip - Find good scripts fast and easy. 

(Are you a producer looking for a great script to produce? Are you a writer with a great script looking for a producer? InkTip has an incredibly successful track record bringing these two parties together, averaging 19 produced scripts a year for their writers.)

Producers and Directors, can Apply Here.

Screenwriters, can Register Here.


Publishers Podium

(Similar to above, PP acts as a non-exclusive agent for Screenwriters, and a source of curated scripts for Producers)




(How I send big files through the internet)



(The best way to share files with a film crew or your production team.)


About Film Schools Guide

(Worldwide film school directory.)


Film Production Schools Guide

(A guide to finding film production programs around the country.)



(A site where one can find video and animation creators, and where those creators can make themselves available.)


Indie Filmmaking Guide

(Free online guide to indie and low budget filmmaking)

Place Vine

(The online way to secure brand integrations and sponsorships for your film)


(DIY solutions for production and post. Use their search function to find ways to build innovative, affordable do-it-yourself tools. For example, search "camcorder" and you'll find a homemade camera shoulder rest.)