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Summer Internship Application

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No Budget Film School presents the return of its successful No Budget Film School Summer Internship Program! If you're interested in learning low-budget filmmaking, this will be a great opportunity. Get the chance to see how a quality, low-budget feature is made. Opportunities in several different departments are available, based on need, your interest and your abilities. Work closely with long-time producer and No Budget Film School founder Mark Stolaroff and a dedicated team of talented crew members.
LIMITED POSITIONS AVAILABLE! You MUST apply and be selected to participate, based on merit and enthusiasm. We're looking for a few talented, enthusiastic individuals--prior experience is not absolutely necessary. You will learn what you don't know.
About the project:

Devil's Whisper is a unique, elevated horror film directed by Adam Ripp, producer of Gambit, Everly and other films. 
Producer Mark Stolaroff has worked closely with several top filmmakers, including directors Christopher Nolan ("Batman Begins"), Joe Carnahan ("Narc"), Daniel Myrick ("Blair Witch Project") and Amir Bar-Lev ("My Kid Could Paint That"). He got his start in low budget production working for Roger Corman and was then a principal of Next Wave Films, a company of the Independent Film Channel that provided finishing funds to exceptional low budget features, taking seven films to Sundance and five to Toronto. He is now an independent producer and the founder of No Budget Film School. Pre-production on "Devil's Whisper" is in full swing and shooting will tentatively start June 4th, 2016, and run through the month of June, in the LA area.

If you're interested in interning on "Devil's Whisper," please fill out the form below. We will review your submission and if we like what we see, we will be in touch to obtain more information. Please do not send resumes at this time.

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